4 Ways to Spot a Servant Leader

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It certainly isn’t a spoiler alert to announce that leaders come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Each has their own look. The narcissistic leader is suited up seeking a platform or a press conference. The command-and-control leader can [...]

The Road to Leadership Greatness

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Got a question for you. Just for you. Do you aspire to be a great spiritual leader? Now before you answer the question, allow me to bring some context to the question. No, we’re not talking about people with an [...]

You’ve Got One Job!

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“Box out! Box out!” If you have ever played on a basketball team, you know exactly what that sideline-shout is all about. Every year, every season, every coach will invariably drill his players on how to BOX OUT. Now for [...]

Leading Against the Current

2019-02-26T08:38:51-08:00By |

It was my day off. And it couldn’t have started better. I headed out from the home a tad earlier than normal because beating the morning traffic in LA is both art form and big-league accomplishment. After clocking a few [...]

Rethinking Leadership

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Some books entertain. Others educate. And then there are those books that mess with you. I’m talking about the books that by design or default show up on your bookshelf (or get downloaded on your Kindle) that knock you off [...]

Are YOU a Smart Leader?

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Years later I can still see in my mind’s eye the shattered cabinets strewn like a yard-sale atop the unforgiving concrete floor of the loading dock… For half a year, between college and grad school, I worked for my father [...]

One Tool You’ve Got to Have

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I love toolboxes! I’ve got several of them. I’ve got one that sits in the garage atop a makeshift workbench that is always propped open, ready when I need to snatch my Stanley tape measure or Phillips-head screwdriver. I’ve got [...]

11 Declarations of a Leader

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  It is a moment that is pasted for perpetuity in the scrapbook of my heart. A few years ago, forty-seven of us cleared our calendars, packed our bags, stamped our passports, and headed to Israel. It was nothing less [...]

The Power of Calling

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The Power of Calling Let’s take a quick glance over the shoulder to see where we’ve been. You may recall that a couple months ago, I rolled out a BHAQ (Big Hairy Audacious Question). It went like this: Is it [...]