November 6, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the mission of Lead With Your Life?
The mission of LEAD WITH YOUR LIFE is to energize and promote a movement of Kingdom leaders—both ministry and marketplace—who are uncompromisingly committed to fulfilling their calling by leading with their lives.

What are some of the strategies and initiatives of LWYL?
LEAD WITH YOUR LIFE provides both services and resources. Some of the services include discipleship groups for leaders (Rock Solid), one-on-one leadership coaching, and leadership workshops. Resources include a monthly blog, monthly book notes, and a website containing a variety of leadership materials.

What is Rock Solid all about?
The purpose of Rock Solid is to provide an intensive, small group discipleship experience that will empower leaders to become rock-solid on the inside and dangerous/courageous for the Kingdom on the outside. Using content that has been developed by Chuck over three decades as an executive pastor, participants work through essential practices in a number of ways, all designed to enable the leader to develop a personal profile for greater Kingdom impact.

What is the ministry philosophy of LWYL?
LWYL considers investing in leaders a wise stewardship decision, recognizing there is a high rate of return in doing so since leaders, by definition, influence others. All ministries and services provided by LWYL are on a donation basis so as not to prevent or limit one’s capacity to benefit from the stated mission of the organization. As an independent 501c3 organization, all donations are tax-deductible.

How is LWYL organized?
Chuck serves as president of LWYL and also serves part-time as pastor of leadership development at Fellowship Monrovia in Southern California, dividing his time between these two spheres of influence. His monthly financial support comes from both LWYL and the church. All ministries and fiduciary activities of LWYL are governed by a board of directors who meet throughout the year. LWYL board members include: Bill Duncan, Chair; John Gilmour, Secretary; Dan Sinclair, Treasurer; Rich Chinen; Larry Edson; Jim Howe; Randy Northrup; Bill Podley.


How can a person participate in and/or learn more about the ministries of LWYL?
The best way to learn more is to contact Chuck Olson at