November 13, 2015


Services - Lead With Your Life

Leadership Discipleship Groups

The design of Rock Solid is to provide an intensive small group discipleship experience that will empower leaders to become rock-solid on the inside and dangerous (courageous) for the Kingdom on the outside by looking at the essential practices of a Kingdom leader. Using content that has been developed over three decades, participants work through relevant Scriptures, readings from selected books, individual assessments of strengths and spiritual gifts, and a variety of activities, all designed to enable leaders to clarify and execute more fully their Kingdom calling. Contact Lead With Your Life to learn more.

One/One Coaching

The design of leadership coaching is to come alongside a leader in a highly personalized manner to provide traction in moving to a new level of leadership effectiveness. In its essence, leadership coaching is helping leaders clarify the next step in closing the gap between today’s realities and tomorrow’s dreams by considering the goals they aspire to accomplish and understanding their present state and trajectory. Coaching appointments typically take place every other week over the phone for approximately 45 minutes. Some coaching relationships are short term, while others are longer term. Contact Lead With Your Life to learn more.


The design of the Inside-Out Leadership workshop is to provide an interactive venue for mid-sized groups that focus on foundational issues of spiritual leadership. Specifically, this workshop focuses on the principles of spiritual leadership, as well as the posture, priorities, and practices of a spiritual leader. Contact Lead With Your Life to learn more.