…to inspire, resource, and equip a movement of Kingdom leaders who will lead from the inside out.

Leadership success will never be fully realized if leaders lead with their titles, personalities, or accomplishments.

True leadership happens when leaders lead with their lives.

The most strategic way we fulfill our mission is through an intensive nine-month Rock Solid discipleship journey of discovery.


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Leading Thoughts from Chuck Olson

Do You Inspire Others?

Written by Chuck Olson

Do You Inspire Others?  Great leaders inspire. Some leaders inspire through acts of uncommon courage. Others through selfless sacrifice. And still others through the quiet and steadfast embodiment of virtue and nobility. And if you Continue reading …

Learn to Ask Questions

Written by Chuck Olson

Learn to Ask Questions The other day I was reviewing some notes from Brad Lomenick’s book The Catalyst Leader and came across a section with a heading that snagged my curiosity: Seven Signs You’re Too Continue reading …

Leveraging Your Most Important Asset

Written by Chuck Olson

Leveraging Your Most Important Asset As a leadership coach, over time I have noted several recurring themes in the lives of leaders. Truth be told, they are as predictable as meatballs at a smorgasbord. Unquestionably, Continue reading …

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Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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