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Empowering a Movement of Kingdom Leaders

Rock Solid Reflections from Pastor Garrick Hanger


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Photos and Reflections from Rock Solid Grads

Chuck And Members Storylines


Rock Solid is something unique that every man–no matter what adult stage of life they are in–should have opportunity to experience. Speaking candidly with a small group of leaders about struggles and successes in our personal and professional lives, and how that intersects with our Christian faith, has been fantastic for me. Chuck Olson has mastered how to help people become influential Christian leaders and find their “Kingdom Calling” so they can make a difference in the lives of others. Charlie


Because of Rock Solid, my leadership is more intentional, thoughtful, transparent and strategic. I am surrounded by leaders who speak life, truth, and hope into my leadership. Men who I can learn from to lead better and to love better. Rock Solid has helped me identify my own strengths, passions, identity in Christ and Kingdom calling. Sam


Team Storylines


There are lots of great things happening because of the Rock Solid experience. Even better for me is the fact that this group is so needed in our church right now during this time in our world. This is just what the ‘doctor ordered’ for us. To survive and thrive as a body of Christ we absolutely need what RS is producing and will produce. I don’t expect miracles but miracles are happening…over a period of time as we dig into sustained truth and grace. these leaders will become influential and courageous in their leadership. I am truly so grateful to team with you on this journey that I can hardly express it enough. Kevin


Rock Solid has been the most beneficial Christian experience of my life. It has given me the tools and disciplines and practices I needed so that I will finish well. So very grateful. Greg


I have never been part of such a unique group of leaders, where seeking God’s presence and the communion with His Spirit was such a priority. As I reflect on the key themes that God highlighted on my journey, two areas immediately come to mind: the pure pursuit of God and “divine appointments.” The inexplicable value of the personal relationships and the ministry connections that were formed has changed the course of my life. — Abel


Storylines Members And Chuck


When I was invited to jump into the Rock Solid Journey, I felt I was not in a good enough place to start working on leadership skills as I was struggling in some areas personally. I actually reached out to a close friend for advice and he said that I shouldn’t wait until I was 100% ready and “perfect” to do this because then I would always be waiting! I think it was during the first or second gathering of Rock Solid when Chuck read a quote by Winston Churchill about always being willing and ready to take on what life presents you and what a shame it would be if that moment comes and it passes you by because you weren’t ready. That’s when I knew I was in the right place. — Isaac


As a leader, I will carry the impact of Rock Solid for the rest of my life. This has done a work in me that I could not have done on my own. I have learned that to be Rock Solid on the inside directly correlates to being dangerous for the Kingdom on the outside. Because of Rock Solid, I have identified the unique leadership strengths, abilities, and passion that God has placed within me and am seeking ways to pursue and grow in these areas. — John

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Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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