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Coaching Chuck Olson

The design of leadership coaching is to come alongside a leader in a highly personalized manner to provide traction in moving to a new level of leadership effectiveness. In its essence, leadership coaching is helping leaders clarify the next step in closing the gap between today’s realities and tomorrow’s dreams by considering the goals they aspire to accomplish and understanding their present state and trajectory.

Coaching appointments typically take place by phone, and the duration of the coaching relationship is individually tailored and crafted to the leader’s growth and personal development. From clarifying one’s calling to insightful and probing questions and dialogue, meaningful and attainable action plans for continued growth are implemented.

The truth is that I am a different person today than when we first started out. Your investment in me as a next generation leader is unquestionably the most significant factor in my growth over these past two years. You have shown me how to intentionally arrange and strengthen my inner world in order to be an effective influencer in my outer world. -Bob


Brandon shares how Coaching has impacted + influenced his life and leadership