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Dear Partner —- Are you ready for some good news?

Good news #1: We reached our annual Matching Gift Opportunity of $65,000 during April!  A huge thank you to each of you who partnered with us.

Good news #2: While high schools and universities have their commencements this month, so does Lead With Your Life with over 100 leaders finishing the nine-month Rock Solid journey.

Good news #3: We are now beginning to gear up for the 2022-2023 Rock Solid season. Praying. Preparing. Identifying coaches. We eagerly anticipate our largest group of leaders to participate.

Good news #4: We enjoyed an awesome backyard LWYL Appreciation BBQ a few weeks ago, honoring many who have partnered with us this past year. Check out a few snaps below!

Thank you for your faithful support that allows us to equip Kingdom leaders! The impact of your partnership is exponential because leaders influence leaders who influence more leaders.

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life


Dear Partner — I am so encouraged to let you know that Lead With Your Life has twelve Rock Solid discipleship groups  taking place right now during the 2021-2022 season. What a privilege to witness the deep and transforming work God is doing in the life of each leader on this journey.

And the work is happening because of your partnership, making this kind of impact possible for so many leaders. Thank you!

It certainly is not breaking news to announce that the need to raise up more courageous and influential leaders is of the highest order. We want to be found faithful in responding to the open doors of opportunity that God continues to put before us at Lead With Your Life.

To that end, during the month of April, through an anchor gift of $65,000, each donation received will be doubled up to that amount!

Not only will your gift be doubled, but it will also be multiplied in the lives of Kingdom leaders who will turn around and impact countless others. In short, the ROI is inestimable.

Thank you for considering joining with Pattie and me in participating with a gift to Lead With Your Life during the month of April.

Fighting for the hearts and souls of leaders…together,

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life


Dear Partner — I’d love to tell you about one of the many ways YOUR partnership is making a difference.

One of our goals of Rock Solid—Lead With Your Life’s signature ministry—is not only designed to build into the lives of individual leaders, but we also partner with the local church. Specifically, this season we have come alongside four churches in providing the nine-month Rock Solid journey for the expressed purpose of “deepening the church’s leadership bench.”

In the Spotlight below, you can get a glimpse of our work from Jim Alden who serves as an elder at his church in the San Gabriel Valley.

YOUR partnership makes this possible. Thank you!

Remember: Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger!

Equipping Kingdom leaders—together,

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life


Dear Partner — As a friend and as a partner of Lead With Your Life, you know that I have a passion, a burden for leaders who follow hard after Jesus. Having seen too many leaders crash and burn, God has placed a call on my life to help leaders avoid the pitfalls and temptations of leadership by introducing and calling them to practices that will empower them to lead from the inside out. To live as leaders who are constantly being renewed and transformed by Christ. I speak from my own experience as a leader.

One of these practices is SOLITUDE—the spiritual practice of being absent from people and things for an extended time in order to be present and sit in His presence.

I’m often asked about what my time of solitude looks like. In short, I practice solitude on a weekly basis. I start my Sabbath early with a couple hours of solitude in the local foothills of the San Gabriel Valley. Different than my daily time with Christ, it is a time for me to have a longer, more in-depth conversation with Him.

While it varies, sometimes my time of solitude will be about the past, reviewing the game film of last week: ranging anywhere from calling out God’s faithfulness to addressing sinful attitudes or actions. Sometimes, the focus is in the present, simply enjoying extended time with the Lover of my soul. And sometimes, it is about the future: listening carefully to gentle whispers, as I seek to discern pending decisions or steps to take.

Where am I going with this?

Realizing the deeply significant impact that solitude has played in my life and leadership, I’m a huge advocate! I desire everyone in my circle of influence to benefit and experience personally this ancient spiritual practice.

With that, I’d love to have you join me. Specifically, during the month of March, schedule on your calendar 2-3 times of solitude where you can experience the beauty and blessing of extended time alone with God. (You may want to take a look at The Practice of Solitude for some helpful input.)

And…would you drop me a note to let me know how it went? How this practice impacted you?

In this note I also want to thank you for your vital partnership with Lead With Your Life as we build into the lives of leaders. Because at the end of the day, everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

Fighting for the hearts and souls of leaders—together,

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life



All my life You have been faithful

Dear Partner —

As we embrace a new year—a year that will be filled with ups and downs and uncertainties—I want to invite you to take a moment and listen to the song “All My Life You Have Been Faithful”.

Let the words wash over you.

Let them fill your soul.

And let them be a daily reminder of our Father’s faithfulness and goodness.

With blessings,

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life

Dear Partner —

During this final month of 2021, we as a team at Lead With Your Life stand in gratitude and awe at how God is working in the lives and hearts of Kingdom leaders. During these unprecedented days, we see leaders inspired, challenged, and stirred to courageously step up, lead out, and serve as never before. You have been a strong ally in your partnership of this Holy Spirit-anointed ministry. THANK YOU!

You can see below a few snapshots of the work God is doing as we equip leaders to lead from the inside out. Two of the photos were at a recent Rock Solid Grad Breakfast where leaders were reminded to stand strong, resisting the temptation to compromise in their lives and in their leadership. And the Zoom call photo is of one of the twelve Rock Solid cohorts launched this fall that will meet together over the next nine months. (We have seven Rock Solid’s happening virtually and five in-person.)

We continually hear stories of how lives are being impacted through Lead With Your Life. Here is what one Rock Solid grad shared in gratitude with me just the other day:

I took the Rock Solid journey five years ago, and that experience set in motion a deep and undeniable change in my life and leadership that continues to this day. I am so grateful for the investment you made in my life.

Your support in the mission of Lead With Your Life is both needed and appreciated. Would you consider joining with us in a year-end investment as we carry on this work? You can do so by clicking here: LWYL website.

Thank you for partnering with us and thank you from all the leaders whose lives and leadership have been forever impacted.

Fulfilling His purposes—together,

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life

LWYL Gatherings

Happy Thanksgiving

Partner —

Roll the highlight reel!

A few weeks ago, dozens of Rock Solid grads rallied together for a morning of friendship and encouragement and inspiration. The energy was palpable as we were able to give high-fives in person after a time-out of almost two years.

Of the many significant moments, Lead With Your Life board member Pastor Garrick Hanger brought a poignant challenge as we probed the nagging question: Why do so many Christian leaders fall? (Check out some of Garrick’s reflections in the Spotlight below.)

LWYL Gatherings

Leader by leader, year after year, LWYL is disrupting the status quo of Christian leadership. We seek to come alongside Kingdom leaders challenging them to be more on the alert to the pitfalls and temptations of leadership. We do this by equipping and discipling them on what it means to lead from the inside out.

God is at work. It is very evident as we hear the storylines of leader after leader who give witness to His work of transformation.

In short, THIS is what your partnership makes possible.

Thank you for standing with us!

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life



Partner —

I want you to know how grateful I am for your support of Lead With Your Life. Because of your prayers and your partnership, this month we will launch twelve Rock Solid cohorts. As you know, Rock Solid is a nine-month leadership development and discipleship experience done in community with other like-minded leaders.

Over 120 leaders will be equipped and resourced to be more rock solid on the inside and more dangerous/courageous for the Kingdom on the outside over the upcoming 270 days.

These twelve groups will be a led by 28 coaches. Here’s a snap of several of those coaches in a Zoom meeting a few weeks ago when we met to prepare and pray for the launching of Rock Solid.

LWYL Virtual Gatherings

In the Rock Solid Spotlight below, you will hear from one of our Rock Solid coaches, Pastor Brandan Spencer.

Thank you for standing with us! Your partnership is making a huge difference in the lives of leaders…and all those their lives influence!

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life

If you’re not yet an investor in the mission of Lead With Your Life, consider this your invitation to jump in!



Partner — Life can be overwhelming. The ever-unfolding losses and upheavals surrounding us—personally, locally, and globally—can easily bring waves of discouragement, depression, and anxiety.

Can I offer a word of encouragement?

It’s against the backdrop of these realities that the sustaining truth of God’s word stands out. I think you’d agree, without these challenges, so much of Scripture would seem irrelevant.

The good news is that God, through His Word, meets us at the level of our deepest need. And He speaks to us individually in undeniably clear ways.

Recently, I’ve been meditating on some familiar verses. Since these verses have become too familiar, I am now memorizing them in another translation:

Don’t worry about anything;
instead, pray about everything.
Tell God what you need,
and thank Him for all He has done.
Then you will experience God’s peace,
which exceeds anything we can understand.
His peace will guard your heart and mind
as you live in Christ Jesus.
–Philippians 4:6-7 NLT

Did you see it? The very last line: “…as you live in Christ Jesus”. My part, our part is to LIVE in Christ Jesus—abide, remain, commune…connect with Him.
May the truth of this passage (and others like it), deliver peace to your soul despite the overwhelming realities you may be facing today.
Be sure to take a look at the Spotlight below where you’ll catch a glimpse of the very significant partnership I share with my son Dusty, one of our Rock Solid coaches. Over the next nine months, there will be 120 leaders who will experience the Rock Solid journey

Thank you for faithfully standing with us as we equip and develop leaders to courageously lead from the inside out.

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Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life

Spotlight - Dusty Olson

Dear Partner — YOU are an essential person in the work God is doing in and through the mission of Lead With Your Life. Your partnership and prayers fuel this ministry!

These summer months have been all about the next season of Rock Solid. As you know, Rock Solid is the centerpiece initiative of LWYL. It is our nine-month, intensive discipleship experience for Kingdom leaders. And it is transformative! During these months we created an online and printable Rock Solid NOTEBOOK, customized and printed a Rock Solid JOURNAL, developed plans (and needed infrastructure) to support twenty-five coaches and twelve Rock Solid groups launching this fall, and made plans for the Rock Solid Grad Breakfast in September. (Yes, ministry has been full!)

Thank you for continuing to stand with us. The mission of LWYL is needed now more than ever. Never forget that everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger by growing in Christ!

To extend the reach and effectiveness of LWYL, you may recall that several months ago we added Kevin Hoist to our team as part-time Director of Key Initiatives. What a privilege to serve together! He understands and lives the purpose of the ministry. You can learn a bit more about what makes him tick by reading the Spotlight below.

Chuck Olson Signature
Chuck Olson
Founder | Lead With Your Life


If you’re not a monthly investor in the mission of LWYL,
consider joining Pattie and me today.
Your partnership is valued and needed!


Spotlight - Kevin Hoist

June 1, 2021

Dear Partner –

With Father’s Day coming soon, I’m reminiscing about one of my life’s greatest privileges as a dad. Though my two sons, Boe and Dusty, are now well into fathering their own kids (making me a grandfather six times over!), it’s easy to rehearse back-in-the-day how dependent I was to ask God for His grace and guidance in helping me be the father they deserved.

ChuckAs my two sons were growing up, I recall sharing with them some very practical lessons I had learned over the years and wanted them to be mindful of. A few were: Give firm handshakes. Always look people in the eye. Be optimistic—see problems not as obstacles but as opportunities. (Here’s the full list of advice.)

We would love to have you join with us this Father’s Day 2021 in making a donation of tribute to Lead With Your Life in honor or memory of a father, husband, or son. Pattie and I will be donating in loving memory of our two fathers, Warren Olson and Joseph Parker, and to honor our two sons, Boe Olson and Dusty Olson. These gifts will serve to pay-it-forward for the equipping of the next generation of those who will be asked to love, lead, and serve their families well.

Leading into tomorrow…together,


Chuck Olson Signature

May 2021

Dear Partner –

It has been said that “character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.”

In many ways, this is the outworking of our Lead With Your Life mission. Daily we equip and resource Kingdom leaders to stand up strong, in the defining moments of life, with deep character and resolve—moments when godly leadership is desperately required. Your prayers and your partnership are allowing us to fulfill this mission!

The Rock Solid nine-month discipleship experience is the primary way we are seeing God do a deeply transformative work in the lives of leaders. And this month of May, we have 93 leaders who will launch from this journey better equipped to lead those in their circles of influence. We’re excited to share with you some Spotlight stories that have occurred during Rock Solid through our Partnership Insider each month.

Fighting for the hearts and souls of leaders…together,


Chuck Olson Signature
Chuck Olson


Spotlight - Hunter Brown

May 3, 2021

Dear Partner – Because of your generosity, we not only met our annual matching gift target of $60,000 over the past 30 days, we exceeded it! Thank you!

These funds provide the financial fuel necessary as we continue to deepen the leadership bench through the mission and work of Lead With Your Life. This month 93 leaders will finish the nine-month Rock Solid journey, and we are anticipating over 100 leaders to participate this fall. We believe wholeheartedly that leaders who lead from the inside out are those who are making the biggest influence for God’s purposes.

Our ever-faithful Father is doing an awesome work with leaders in the writing of their stories. Stories of impact. Stories of influence. And as a partner, we want to continue to share these Spotlights with you. See the storyline from four Rock Solid grads in the video below.

Thank you for standing with us as we raise up leaders that people want to follow!

Deeply grateful for you,

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Chuck Olson



March 30, 2021

For a moment, I want to share with you how you can maximize your investment in the mission of equipping Kingdom leaders to lead from the inside out.

But first…Please look at this short video of Rock Solid graduate Nicky Slavich that unpacks a glimpse of what God is doing through Lead With Your Life’s expanding ministry.

From Nicky, you hear firsthand how God is at work as we build up Kingdom leaders to be dangerous for His purposes. Yes!

Your partnership makes this all possible! And here’s how to maximize that partnership…

Starting today and throughout the month of April, through a generous anchor gift of $60,000 from three Lead With Your Life anchor donors, each donation we receive will be doubled up to that amount!

Not only will your gift be doubled, but it will also be multiplied in the lives of Kingdom leaders who turn around and impact countless lives. In short, the rate of return is inestimable.

With great gratitude,

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2x Match

Dear Partners –

As you know, our prayer is that Lead With Your Life would be a movement of Kingdom-minded leaders who lead with lives of undaunted courage and uncompromising integrity. Our culture cries out for this kind of leader. This is why we exist.

Over a year ago, I had the opportunity to talk with a group of men about the burden that God has placed deep in my heart for the LWYL ministry.

Chuck Olson

Father, answer that prayer.
And thank You for 

each of our partners
who so faithfully stand with us.
In Jesus’ powerful name. Amen.

With our annual LWYL Matching Gift Opportunity coming next month, I want to tell you how grateful I am for your partnership. Thank you!

Fighting for the hearts and souls of Kingdom leaders…together,

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2x Match

March 2, 2021

Dear Partner –

You may recall from last month’s issue of the Partnership Insider that even though pandemic protocols prevent a backyard Partner Appreciation BBQ this spring, we still wanted to hold our annual Raffle Surprise Giveaways!

Chuck and Pattie

As you can see, Pattie and I can barely contain our excitement for the 20 rafflepartner winners who will be receiving a Lead With Your Life tote bag packed full of culinary delights! If you are one of these 20 winners, the gifts will be delivered to your doorstep sometime this week by one of our amazing LWYL Raffle Team members (slide over Door Dash!).

You are essential and so deeply appreciated in the significant work that God is doing in the lives of leaders through the ministries at LWYL!

Building Kingdom leaders…together,

Chuck Olson Signature

Dear Partner –

Pattie and I want to take a moment to tell you how much weOlsons miss being WITH you. Nothing compares to hugs and high fives to begin a conversation! But this is our next best—a note from our hearts to yours.

Since we are not able to host our annual Lead With Your Life Partners Appreciation BBQ this spring in celebration of you, our plan is still go ahead and engage in an online appreciation raffle! We will be drawing 20 partner’s names to receive one of these surprise-filled LWYL tote bags. BagThese gifts will be delivered to the winner’s doorstep the second week of March. The anticipation is building!

We remain deeply humbled and grateful to have your support in the work of Lead With Your Life. We are reminded daily that God is stirring up a generation of Kingdom leaders who are radically committed to leading with honor and finishing with strength. Only eternity will tally the exponential impact of each of these leaders!

Thank You!

Chuck Olson Signature

If you could sit in on one of the current Lead With Your Life Discipleship Rock Solid Groups, I have no doubt but that it would inspire you. Deeply.

As you know, the endgame of our Rock Solid nine-month journey is to develop Kingdom leaders to be rock solid on the inside and courageously dangerous for the Kingdom on the outside. At our gathering this past week, 93 leaders in each of the eight groups expressed how they are going to seek to be more dangerous for the Kingdom in 2021. It was powerful. And profoundly moving.

And here’s what I want you to take note of: YOUR prayers and partnership are making these life-shaping moments possible for each leader.

Thank you for standing with us!

Because, as you’ve heard me say on many occasions: everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

Chuck Olson Signature

Hear a personal poetic expression from Rock Solid graduate, Randel Horton, on the heart of our Lead With Your Life ministry

Dear Partner –

Looking back…

For the Lord your God has watched your every step through this great wilderness (Deuteronomy 2:7).

It’s certainly not a news-alert that we are all ready to start a new year!  As we leave 2020, won’t you take a few moments of reflection? Since we know that God is always on the job, accomplishing His Masterplan, and since He uses the turbulence of this life to shape us more into His likeness, I’d like you to ask yourself:  What did I learn about God and myself over these past 12 months? Pattie and I are taking some time this week to write down several ways in which we saw Him at work, and I’d encourage you to do the same. Don’t miss out on the value of tracing His purposeful work in your life.

And looking ahead…

I love these words from Oswald Chambers—preacher and author of the classic My Utmost for His Highest:

Beware of harking back to what you were once
when God wants you to be something
you have never been before.

Isn’t that spot-on?

In that spirit, would you join me in selecting three aspirations that describe who you want to become in 2021? Write these down and carry them with you or post them somewhere; but most of all, ask God to empower you with both the courage and conviction to live out these words of aspiration. Personally, one of the things I am asking God to daily remind me of is to be more present–to be in the moment. Too often I am looking ahead to what’s-next and I miss the beauty of God’s good (and often subtle) gifts in the here-and-now.

And on a final note, we are so encouraged and thankful for your remarkably strong and faithful partnership. In this new year, we so appreciate you continuing with us to fulfill God’s call of equipping Kingdom leaders for courageous leadership from the inside out. Because, as we all know, everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

Together we make a difference,

Chuck Olson Signature

Dear Partner,

Pattie and I are hopeful that you had a very meaningful and memorable Christmas. In spite of the turbulence of 2020, we stand strong with you, firm in our confident assurance that God is our Faithful Guide and Hope Giver.

I want to pause a moment and thank you for your partnership in 2020. Lead With Your Life continues to expand its mission in building courageous Kingdom leaders who will lead from the inside out.

One of the many opportunities made available through LWYL is one-on-one coaching sessions. Last week, I asked next-generation leader Brandon Cass if he would share a personal sixty-second reflection on how our time through coaching has impacted his life and leadership.

Your financial partnership is making a significant difference for leaders just like Brandon. Thank you! Please consider a year-end gift to Lead With Your Life if you have not yet done so, as we continue influencing leaders to lead and serve out of the overflow in their growing walk with Christ.

Fighting with you…for the hearts and souls of Kingdom leaders,

Chuck Olson Signature



December 2020

Dear Partner –

2020 has been a year like no other. Disruptions. Challenges. Uncertainties. Tensions. Divisions. I know you agree with me that it’s certainly been a year full of reality checks. Without question, one of these is that the world is in desperate need of steady leaders—in every sector of life. Courageous leaders who rise up against the chaos of this world and will lead from the inside out.

That is why Lead With Your Life and the Rock Solid ministry exists. We are on a mission to change the narrative of leaders who are spinning out of control, by developing and equipping their internal strength made possible by the transforming work of the living Christ.

A recent Rock Solid grad put it this way: I’ve experienced significant changes taking the Rock Solid journey through studying God’s Word, being in transparent community, and practicing disciplines that ground me for life. We choose to give to LWYL because its purpose is so urgently needed in this world!

I realize your mailbox is full of ‘donate now’ requests, so let me get right to the point.

If you believe in the mission-worthiness of Lead With Your Life –
to equip Kingdom leaders to lead from the inside out,
who rise up boldly to face the challenges of our world –
then please join us in making a year-end gift.

Together we are changing the narrative.

Chuck Olson Signature

Rock Solid Leaders

Blessings from our hearts to your home this Thanksgiving Day
Chuck and Pattie

Dear Partner — With Thanksgiving around the corner, Pattie and I pause to express how grateful we are for both your friendship and your partnership as we equip leaders to lead with their lives. We appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Because of your partnership, this fall Lead With Your Life launched EIGHT Rock Solid groups. This means that we have 98 leaders taking a journey in discovering how to be prepared and equipped to lead from the inside out. Jump to the gallery below and see some of these leaders.

Because of you, we are making a significant difference in the lives of influential Kingdom leaders. THANK YOU!

During these days, may your heart be continually flooded with reminders of God’s grace and mercy regardless of the ups and downs of life.

God bless you, Partner

Chuck Olson Signature

Dear Partner –

In many ways, my life is a reflection of those who made a deliberate choice to invest in me and my leadership.

Dr HowardOne of those was Dr. Howard Hendricks, known simply as “Prof” to his Dallas Seminary students. Prof and his wife Jeanne were faithful mentors to Pattie and me during those stretching grad school days as newlyweds and first-time parents.

Their imprint and impact on us is more alive today than ever!

So I couldn’t help but want to give you a glimpse of “back-in-the day” through this photo, circa 1979, when Prof dedicated our firstborn Boe David Olson at our home. What a priceless memory!

The other day, I came across a list of leadership wisdom that Prof delivered in class one day. Words that have encouraged, challenged, and stretched me in the years since. Do they resonate with you?

The Ten Hardest Truths About Being a Leader
It’s lonely to lead.
It’s dangerous to succeed.
It’s hardest at home.
It’s essential to be real.
It’s painful to obey.
Brokenness and failure are necessary.
My attitude is more important than my actions.
Integrity eclipses image.
God’s way is better than my way.
Christ-likeness begins and ends with humility.
When I read this list, I am reminded again and again that leadership has little to do with being in charge but has everything to do with humbly giving myself away for those entrusted to my care. Jesus, who knew the value of an economy of words, put it this way “Whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant.”

Read that list again. Let it soak in. Select one of the ten that resonates with you most deeply, and bring it to the Lord in a reflective quiet time, asking for His support and strength in that area. There is always a next faithful step in the pursuit of leading with your life.

I want to thank you for supporting the mission of Lead With Your Life as we continue to grow. God is faithfully opening new doors of impact as we carry out our mission of equipping leaders to lead with integrity, from the inside out. This month, LWYL brought a new member onto our team. Read about this addition and why we believe he is such a qualified leader to step into this role.

Would you join me in praying specifically for God to grow our monthly financial foundation as our ministry continues to expand?

Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger!

With great gratitude,

Signature Chuck

Dear Partner –

Over the past month, does this daily scenario ring a bell?

A 38-year-old dad. Three kids. Two cars. And one daily rhythm of life—compliments of the global pandemic—that looks like a sit-com…but not really that funny!

Trying to conduct business remotely (with his wife doing the same at the other end of the house), juggling two Zoom online school sessions for an eight-year-old and a ten-year-old, and a toddler in the mix creating unimaginable madness! All on different schedules. Alexa reminders going off every fifteen minutes. Snack time. Lunch time. You get the picture. And toss in a local power outage for good measure, stealing both the WiFi and AC.

In short, the everyday reality for this family requires a steadfast and centered leader.

It is for the demands of life and leadership that Lead With Your Life exists. We believe wholeheartedly that everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger. Driven by this conviction, we equip Kingdom leaders to lead from the inside out…with their lives…showing up in the middle of life’s chaos with a life rooted deeply in Christ.

And this conviction leads to action.

Over the next two weeks, LWYL will launch EIGHT Rock Solid groups. All groups are at capacity. That means there will be 98 leaders who are being equipped to lead like never before!

And here’s the bottom line: Your prayers and your financial support are providing this much-needed resource and opportunity.

So on behalf of these 98 leaders, I want to shout THANK YOU! Your partnership impacts the lives of leaders who turn around and impact the lives of countless others. That is Kingdom ROI.

And with our expanding mission comes the important need to expand our financial foundation. If you’re not already on our monthly partnership team, we’d invite you to join in. The need for Kingdom-minded leaders is greater than ever!

With great gratitude,

Signature Chuck

PS: Recently, through a very generous donor, LWYL introduced a new website that provides monthly resources, the online materials for our 2020-2021 Rock Solid leaders, stories of what God is doing, and a short bio about our board members who so faithfully serve with me. Check it out!

Dear Partner  –

To state the obvious: Our lives are ONLINE. Online work. Online school. Online church. Online shopping. Even Online connecting with friends. And…Online fatigue. (Can I get an AMEN?) And we are missing the day-to-day physical presence of you our dear friends.

So I thought I would send you a couple of really practical gameplans that I have put in place for myself that have proven to be lifesavers during these crazy of times.

First, as one who believes strongly in the synergy of body/soul/mind/spirit, I find great value in working out, daily. Ahh…but the gym closed. Reopened. Then closed again! Enter the ‘garage workout’. For under $60, I got some resistance bands and a yoga mat. Uploaded a workout video. And I was good to go, reaping the benefits of a good sweat and a dose of endorphins. And suddenly, intense heat hit, smoke from the epic fires, and so my workouts moved to the living room! Without some kind of daily exertion, movement of my body, my brain doesn’t function as clearly and I become fatigued much more easily. I feel depressed and much more edgy. What about you? Have you thought about how you are keeping yourself fortified during these intense days? What about putting a treadmill in the home office or den or a recumbent bike in the bedroom or following along on a fun video routine in the dining room (with chairs moved!). Or maybe you are close to the beach – head there to take some laps. The point I am making is to be creative to find something that works for you, even during, especially during, these more precautionary days.

Second, I am taking refuge and strength from a slow daily walk through the Book of Psalms. Here I find the language to call out—and at times, to cry out—the stirrings of my soul. Dallas Willard, who I never met personally but who mentored me profoundly in my pursuit of Christ says: “If you bury yourself in the Psalms, you emerge knowing God and understanding life.” There’s an offer I cannot refuse! Candidly, I need to choose not to ENDURE the pandemic, but to ENGAGE it, being alert to ways I can stay centered and be a blessing to those in my areas of influence. Because the reality is that there are things I have discovered about God that I missed when life was copacetic.

A quote from one of my professors in seminary days was posted on Facebook recently by my good friend Jim Killion. In the tension of these times, these words offer a really good perspective and reminder.

“Life is vague. Life is futile. Try as you will, you will never really figure it out. Because that is a reality, because you will never get the key to life, then you must come to put your trust in the Keeper of the key. You must come to live in reliance on the sovereign God of heaven. You must live in His goodness, taking each day from His hand, rejoicing in the labor He has given us, the tasks we are allowed to do. And we must live responsibly before Him, for we shall give an account to God.… That is what this ancient preacher is calling us to do. To live our days with a whole-soul faith in the good and sovereign and holy God of history. And in doing that we can step where we cannot see; we can trust when we cannot taste; we can undergo even what we do not understand.
– Haddon W. Robinson, Ph.D.

Let’s encourage our loved ones and friends to see and call out the goodness and grace of God…even when life is turned upside down on so many fronts. Find some rhythms that invigorate you, and hold on to them for dear life, especially during this season we are in.

I would be remiss to not say a word of THANKS to YOU for your strong and faithful support to Lead With Your Life. This fall eight filled-to-capacity Rock Solid online groups will launch. And your partnership allows for this to happen…all for His glory.

Fighting for the hearts and souls of Kingdom leaders,

Signature Chuck

Chuck Olson

Dear Partner  –

What’s your favorite time of the year? If you are like me, you’ve got a lot of them. Hard to pick just one, right? Without question, my batting order of favorite times circle around family gatherings, especially with my six grandkids—“The SixPack.” (I’m sure you’re not surprised by this!)

But when it comes to the significant work of Lead With Your Life, one of my favorite seasons is right now. During the summer months, every day I am praying, planning, discerning, and preparing for the fall launch of Rock Solid groups. And I am so encouraged and expectant for what lies ahead!

In September, Lead With Your Life will launch nine Rock Solid groups. This translates into over 100 leaders participating in the nine-month discipleship journey of becoming more rock solid on the inside and more courageous for the Kingdom on the outside. And I can’t wait!

Mark it down: Your partnership is allowing our work with leaders to multiply over and over again.


Fighting for the hearts and souls of Kingdom leaders…together,

Signature Chuck

Chuck Olson

Dear Partner  –

Don’t you find these words captured on video by three of my six grands to be life-giving and hope-filled? During these days of uncertainty, fear and so many unknowns, the anchor of God’s promises holds us steady and secure. He indeed is the Way Maker, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper, Light in the Darkness—all the time, but especially in these times.

I want to also take a moment and thank you for your faithful and much appreciated partnership in supporting the mission of LWYL. Thank you also for praying for God’s anointing on the ministry. Your prayers are valued and critical for: the daily coaching, discipling, and mentoring of leaders; the formation and invitations to join one of nine Rock Solid groups this next season; and the launch of our first five-week Rock Solid 2.0 Soul Care for RS grads beginning in a few days (which will be offered again in upcoming months). I am in the trenches with leaders every day, walking with them arm-in-arm to equip them to love well, lead well, and serve well.

Together we are creating the opportunities for God to shape the hearts of Kingdom leaders to be more like His.

Signature Chuck

Chuck Olson

PS: Thank you for your faithful financial partnership as we grow the ministry. If you are not yet a monthly partner, we’d be honored to have you join us.

Dear Partner –

Pattie and I pray that you and your loved ones are navigating with grace and insight the twists and turns of these very challenging days. Not only are we affected by the pandemic, but even more so, we are challenged by the harsh reminders that our world is filled with the evils of racism and prejudice. We cry out, “Father, help us. Heal us. And may Your Kingdom come, may Your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

In the middle of all that is happening around us, I want to take a moment and share with you, as our faithful partner, what the next few months look like for Lead With Your Life.

  • First, I want to thank you and acknowledge again God’s favor and provision in allowing us to reach our Matching Gift Opportunity in April. Because of this, we continue fully-focused on the mission and movement of equipping Kingdom leaders.
  • I also am excited to let you know about a next-step for Rock Solid grads. As you know, Rock Solid is the primary initiative of LWYL—a nine-month discipleship journey for leaders. From the 270+ Rock Solid grads, I am often asked if they could participate in some kind of “2.0” experience. So this summer, for five weeks, a small group called Rock Solid Intensive: Leading With Soul is happening! (The cohort filled up immediately, so we will indeed be offering it again.) Your prayers are appreciated as I prepare, seeking God to deepen understanding about the centrality of taking care of one’s soul as a leader.
  • Last month, we wrapped up the six Rock Solid cohorts that had been meeting for nine months. To hear firsthand how God has worked in the lives of these influential leaders was deeply humbling and incredibly rich. Below are a few photos of the leaders, along with their wives, on our wrap-up Zoom call.
  • In the upcoming weeks, I will be in dialogue with dozens of leaders about the 2020-2021 RS season. I am praying for nine Rock Solid groups to form—four that I will lead and five that will be led by those who have co-led with me in a previous season. We feel God’s wind at our backs as we make these plans for the fall.
  • With my transition from pastoring to full-time LWYL focus earlier this year, I was able to open up additional one-on-one coaching spots. I am now at full capacity, and actively coaching both marketplace and ministry leaders.
  • As this chapter of unprecedented times continues, the need for courageous, influential leaders is more critical than ever before. As a partner, thank you for keeping the work of LWYL covered in prayer. And for me personally, ask Him for an overflow of wisdom as I mentor and disciple leaders who are facing difficult and disruptive challenges.
  • And on a final note…you will notice an upgraded LWYL website in the next few months. A dear friend and expert in the field is generously providing us with a more robust and strategic digital platform. Among many of its benefits, the website will serve as a centralized location for the Rock Solid notebook. This is key to our growth as we continue to virtually explore and leverage the mission and message of LWYL.

Long story short, we are in GO-MODE!

While our current realities pose a lot of challenges, it also presents a lot of opportunities. The drumbeat of Rock Solid is to BE PREPARED—be ready to step up when God opens new doors. As followers of Christ, as Kingdom leaders, we are seeing this happen as never before.

I am deeply grateful for you! You empower and enable this ministry to equip the kind of leaders this world so desperately needs.

Fighting for the hearts and souls of Kingdom leaders…together,

Signature Chuck

Chuck Olson


Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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