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The purpose of Rock Solid is to provide a nine-month journey as a small group discipleship experience that will empower leaders to become rock-solid on the inside and dangerous for the Kingdom on the outside. This is done by looking at essential practices of a leader using content that Dr. Chuck Olson has developed over four decades of leadership development.

All of the Rock Solid journey is focused on enabling leaders to clarify and execute more fully their Kingdom calling and to understand more fully what it means to courageously lead from the inside out.


Rock Solid Coaches | Season 2021-2022

Jim Howe | John Gilmour | Leonard Reeves
Chuck Olson | Kris Davis | Larry Edson
Kevin Hughes | Aaron Masek
Brandan Spencer | Gary Johnson
Chuck Olson | David Lee
Kevin Hoist | Luke Karsana | Uriel Garcia
Garrick Hanger
Danny Matsuda | Randel Horton | Isaac Taylor
Phil Hodges | Bill Duncan
Chuck Olson | Dusty Olson | Jon Gardiner
Gary Adams | Steve Keith | Logan Webster
Mike Cooley | Cal Kapels | Paul Mills 

Registration for the Rock Solid 2022-2023 Journey begins on August 15!



Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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