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The Scars of a Leader

Written by Chuck Olson

July 2010 – The good news: he was a surgeon. The bad news: I would need one before the day was through! Years back, while in grad school, I worked for a contractor. On one particular Continue reading …

The Focus of a Leader

Written by Chuck Olson

June 2010 – Stop. Look. And listen. Listen to these soul-searching words from Eugene Petersen in his book, Working the Angles. It is with God with whom we have to do. People go for long stretches of Continue reading …

The Care of a Leader

Written by Chuck Olson

May 2010 – He was waiting at the top of the stairs. Every Sunday. For me. At least it seemed that way. The setting was downtown Los Angeles – Church of the Open Door. The intersection Continue reading …

Leading in Reverse

Written by Chuck Olson

April 2010 – Some things you just don’t see coming. Like a traffic jam on the staircase of your own home! Charlie and Dillan, our two grandsons, 16 months and 10 months of age, LOVE our Continue reading …

Being a TEAM Leader

Written by Chuck Olson

MARCH 2010 – Those were the words that kept falling out of my mouth as we walked the debris-strewn streets of the Lower Ninth Ward several months after hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast and found Continue reading …

The Courageous Leader

Written by Chuck Olson

February 2010 – The year was 1947. It was a time in America when words like “racism” and “segregation” were slapped across the front pages of every local newspaper. In the middle of those tumultuous times, Continue reading …

The Leader as a Pipeline

Written by Chuck Olson

January 2010 – The Answer: “The Hokey Pokey.” The Question: “What song was playing when I turned on the ignition of my wife’s car last week?” That’s right! It’s the first song on the Fisher Price Continue reading …


Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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