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Timeless: 10 Endurance Practices of Apex Leaders

Compiled by Chuck Olson


Title: Timeless: 10 Endurance Practices of Apex Leaders

Author:  Brian Dodd

Copyright Date: 2018

Book Description:

The word Apex brings to mind terms like pinnacle, summit, peak, and greatest. Apex Leaders are those individuals who have reached the top of their profession. They are recognized for excellence in their area of discipline and have achieved many of its highest rewards. Apex Leaders are the absolute best at what they do. But what makes Apex Leaders so unique? Why do they stand out? How do they prepare? How do they think? Did God only tap a few select people on the shoulder and ordain them for greatness, or can you become an exponentially better leader, perhaps even an Apex Leader, by following their example? In Timeless: 10 Enduring Practices of Apex Leaders, you will learn the answer is YES! Yes, there are things Apex Leaders have done and will always do to achieve great success. Yes, the good news is these practices are things any leader can do. You, too, can accomplish incredible results. The Bible is the best leadership book ever written. By combining its truths with what we learn from modern-day Apex Leaders, Timeless provides you and your team a plan for success.

Book Quotes:

  1. Apex Leaders Build Great Teams. LOCATION: 194

The most common trait of all the Apex Leaders I studied is this: they build great teams around them. Apex Leaders have an intuitive sense that what they are called to do is so significant, so impactful, and so life changing, there is no way they can accomplish it alone. Therefore, Apex Leaders carefully select a group of individuals possessing skills that they personally lack. LOCATION: 199

The Trinity demonstrates the purest form of unity and sense of community. There is no competition, jealousy, arrogance, demanding of rights, grudges, or walls erected between the three. LOCATION: 211

Apex Leaders have also learned a deeper truth about team building. There is a stark difference between hiring someone who works for you and hiring someone who works with you regardless of where he or she falls on the organizational chart. Hiring someone who works for you refers to acquiring an individual with a certain skill set needed to accomplish an assignment or task. Working with someone is much deeper. It refers to partnership. LOCATION: 259

As Coach Saban was coming up through the coaching ranks, he had the opportunity to be the defensive coordinator for legendary head coach Bill Belichick and the Cleveland Browns from 1991 to 1994. Posted in the Browns’ office was the statement: “We are not in the talent collection business. We’re in the team building business.” LOCATION: 298

  1. Apex Leaders Are Humble. LOCATION: 325

Leading from a position of humility is necessary for anyone wanting to reach the apex of her profession. LOCATION: 380

Humble leaders have longevity. They put the needs of others ahead of their own and the mission of their organization ahead of their personal agendas. Humble leaders are polite. This allows them to develop mutually beneficial, long standing relationships. They are well-liked and a pleasure to be around. Rarely does arrogance and pride yield a long shelf life. LOCATION: 434

  1. Apex Leaders Continually Improve. LOCATION: 466

It is true Joseph received a dream from God that he would eventually reign over his brothers, but there was a significant difference in maturity between the person with the dream and the person in the dream. Joseph was brash, impulsive and unwise. His early life teaches us that maturity is not something that can be assumed. It can only be developed through the crucible of brokenness. Joseph would have to be broken. LOCATION: 478

All leaders will experience brokenness. It is not a question of if, but when. Either the world will break you or God can break you. The difference between the two is that the world moves on to the next leader without remorse, but God rebuilds you into someone better than before. LOCATION: 483

  1. Apex Leaders Work Hard—Very Hard. LOCATION: 643

In my study of Apex Leaders, hard work was the second-most listed trait of people who reach the top of their professions. Hard work is one of my favorite subjects. It is a passion of mine. Hard work is something anyone can do, but only a few choose to do. Nothing of significance happens in a leader’s life apart from hard work. LOCATION: 648

I have learned many people want the perks of leadership—the compensation, the notoriety, the material possessions, etc., but few are willing to pay the price of leadership. Hard work is one of the primary prices that must be paid. LOCATION: 663

There is a difference between leadership development and leader development. Leadership development is developing the skills, talents, and abilities needed to accomplish a task or assignment from God. Leader development is becoming the type of man or woman who can accomplish it. Sustainable leadership is accomplished through people who work just as hard on leader development as leadership development. Failure to do so will result in a leader’s talent taking her to a place where her character cannot sustain it. LOCATION: 771

  1. Apex Leaders Form Strong Relationships. LOCATION: 839

One of the most impressive things about the leadership of Jesus was his continual focus on relationships. LOCATION: 845

Great leaders will not let someone else’s performance or character determine theirs. LOCATION: 887

Almost all important decisions made about you and your career take place when you are not in the room. LOCATION: 943

  1. Apex Leaders Make Others Better. LOCATION: 1056
  2. Apex Leaders Show Consistency.
  3. Apex Leaders Give Generously. LOCATION: 1361

God is calling leaders to more than just generosity. Generosity (as defined here) is not enough. He is calling leaders to sacrifice. The following is an easy formula to remember: Responsibility (Tithe) + Generosity = Sacrifice. It is sacrifice that God wants. LOCATION: 1386

  1. Apex Leaders Lead By Example. LOCATION: 1487
  2. Apex Leaders Deliver Results. LOCATION: 1618

A leader’s character and people skills make someone want to follow them. The ability to deliver results determines if someone actually will follow them. Your ability to grow in influence is directly connected to your ability to deliver results. Can you take a group of individuals successfully from Point A to Point B? Will you get the job done? People will naturally gravitate to the leader who can. LOCATION: 1788

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Chuck Olson

As founder and president of Lead With Your Life, Dr. Chuck Olson is passionate about inspiring, resourcing and equipping Kingdom leaders to lead from the inside out.  To lead, not with the external shell of positions, achievements or titles, but from an internal commitment to a deep, abiding and transparent relationship with Jesus. Serving as a pastor and leadership coach for over forty years, Chuck has a track record of building these truths deep into the lives of both ministry and marketplace leaders.

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