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Empowering a Movement of Kingdom Leaders

The Rock Solid 2020-2021 season has begun and we are at capacity. If you’re reading this and were hoping to take part in this journey, be encouraged! We are already taking names of those who want to be included for 2021. Just click the button and state you’d like to be on the 2021 Rock Solid group list.

For reference only, here are the 2020-2021 groups:
  • Rock Solid Monday Group: Brandan Spencer/Herag Haleblian
  • Rock Solid Tuesday Group: Chuck Olson/Kevin Hughes/John Baker
  • Rock Solid Wednesday Group: Chuck Olson/Jim Howe/John Gilmour
  • Rock Solid Thursday Group: Chuck Olson/Dusty Olson/Andrew Barron
  • Rock Solid Thursday Group: Danny Matsuda/Shane Schupbach/Derek Jones
  • Rock Solid Thursday Group: Kevin Hoist/ Sam Kemp/Tristan Gist
  • Rock Solid Saturday Group: Chuck Olson/Mike DiLustro/Steve Keith/Ron Kong
  • Rock Solid Saturday Group: Garrick Hanger/Bill Duncan/Gary Adams/Logan Webster
  • Rock Solid Board: Chuck Olson

Everyone’s life gets better when a leader’s life gets stronger.

– Chuck Olson

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